Apologetics with Christian Speaker Alex McFarland
Thank you for your interest in the speaking and writing of Alex McFarland!

To schedule Alex McFarland

for a media interview,
please contact:

Debbie Hamilton / Hamilton Strategies
Public Relations


O. 610.584.1096

C. 215.815.7716

To invite Alex McFarland to speak at your church
or event, and for general correspondence,
please contact assistant Nelan Hughes,
at the Christian Worldview Center of
North Greenville University.  You may reach
Nelan at:

864-977-2008 (office)



To invite Alex McFarland to speak at your church or an event, you may contact us using the
above information, or fill out the online form by clicking this button:


To reach Alex McFarland by regular mail:

(Alliance for the Preservation of Christianity In America)
PO Box 10231
Greensboro, NC 27404

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