Apologetics with Christian Speaker Alex McFarland

STAND seminars for parents and adult leaders

Alex McFarland has spent the last twenty years listening to teens, talking with parents, and inspiring both to know and to live truth.  

Parents, Christian leaders, Alex wants to know:  "Do the teens in your life have a biblical world view?"

Have they truly been shown what it means to be a disciple, a "consistent, learning, fruitful follower of Jesus Christ"?  

When your teens graduate from high school, will it mean graduation from God?

The statistics on young adults leaving Christianity after the teen years continue to be pretty grim:

Alex McFarland believes that for churches and families today, these headlines spell "opportunity."

Your church can be a part of the solution- a new generation of discipleship, apologetics, and a return to the core truths of Christianity!  

A parent/adult weekend with Alex McFarland will cover topics such as:

  • The basics of godly parenting (Practical principles, Biblical promises) 
  • Understanding your parental role as God sees it 
  • Why you should be thinking about your teen’s post-high school years now. 
  • Helping your teen derive their self-esteem from the right sources 
  • Jump-starting your relationship with your teen 
  • Responding to the phenomenon of "Adult-olesence" 
  • Instilling a Christian worldview in the life of your teen 
  • 7 secret struggles that are supposed to happen to someone else’s kids 
  • Common ways that you may unknowingly undermine your teen’s spiritual growth 
  • Apologetics 101: How to answer the most common spiritual questions on the mind of your teen 
  • The core Christian truths which make for an unshakable faith 
  • Taking your family’s spiritual growth to the next level in 30 days or less.
  • ...and more!


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"I have grown to trust Alex as a smart, passionate defender of Christianity."
Lee Strobel, best-selling author

"Thank you Mr. McFarland.  You were the best discipleship weekend speaker we've ever had.  Please come back next year, so that I can invite more of my friends."  
9th grade student, Atlanta, Georgia



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