Apologetics with Christian Speaker Alex McFarland

STAND Apologetics for Teens and College Students

Give students a solid understanding of what Christians believe...and the reasons why! 

For more than 20 years, Alex has been at the forefront of training middle school, high school, and college students in apologetics, Christian worldview, and in "the basics" about all that it means to be a disciple in the 21st century. 

His goals are agressive, yet clear:

To reverse the trend of teens and college students leaving the church after high school;
To make certain that youth to understand what they believe, and the reasons why:
To equip students to STAND for their faith confidently in any situation.

"Alex McFarland is one of the best communicators before a live audience I’ve ever heard."
journalist, Colorado

Dr. Alex McFarland speaks about 200 times each year throughout the United States and internationally, addressing a wide variety of conferences, churches, festivals, crusades, universities, and professional gatherings.

If you feel that God is leading you to bring Alex McFarland before your group, we would be honored to speak with you about this. In the spirit of Ephesians 4:11-12, Alex endeavors to truly serve the body of Christ; at an event, he is usually the first one to arrive and the last to leave. He truly is a "people person!"

"Alex McFarland is the best speaker we have ever had! I just wish all of my friends had been here to hear his teaching.  But I am going to going to share the Gospel with them using what I've learned this weekend." Jennifer, age 16 Norcross, GA

"Alex McFarland’s time with us provided teens and parents with one of the most informative, most memorable events we’ve ever organized."
Alamo Heights Methodist Church, TX

A few of Alex's most requested programs-

STAND: The 6 Core Truths You Must Know For An Unshakable Faith
Based on Alex's popular book, this seminar inspires all ages and teaches the basic doctrines which Christians have held for 2,000 years. This covers the foundational "core truths" that make Christianity unique, and truly motivates believers to STAND
(Tyndale.  ISBN # 10: 1-58997-353-4)

APOLOGETICS 101:  The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity (and how to answer them effectively).   Alex's most requested program, this content equips believers to share their faith confidently in any situation.  Attendees learn to persuasively defend God's existence, the authenticity of Jesus Christ, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and much more.  The "10 Objections" program demonstrates to teens and adults that Christianity is unique and relevant to all people.  (Regal Books, ISBN # 08307.42980)





STAND STRONG... In College.   Based on Alex's presentation, "What You'll Hear Your Freshman Year," this seminar prepares teens for the ways that college will challenge their faith.  More than 70% percent of Christian teens walk away from the faith within a few years of high school.  Many university environments are places of anti-Americanism, relativism, hedonism, pluralism, evolutionism, and politically correct indoctrination...  The intense intellectual and spiritual challenges are more than some young people can bear.  But graduation from high school shouldn't mean "graduation from God!" 

In this presentation, Alex identifies four areas in which university life causes students to loose their faith.  Teens and youth groups throughout the US have benefitted from this presentation which prepares students - ahead of time - with the tools they need to thrive spiritually at college... and beyond.  

A 25 year study of Christian apologetics and youth

Alex's apologetics presentations have been developed and honed out through over 20 years of "real world" ministry.  Since the fall of 1985, Alex had used apologetics and Christian worldview content reach individuals and audiences. The content he brings is tried and true life-changing information gathered over two decades.  
Normal arrangements for hosting Dr. Alex McFarland include hotel accommodations, honorarium, and round-trip airfare(s) from Charlotte, NC. All travel arrangements are made by our office, and we will work hard to keep travel expenses within budget.  Alex prides himself on being a "low maintenance preacher." Five-star hotels and expensive restaurants are not required.

Prayer support for the event, the faithful presentation of God’s truth, and ministry to people at the event are what matter most to Dr. McFarland. Because he has no set speaking fee, honorariums are negotiated for each engagement.

Alex's seminars can be presented as one message or as a series.  He has spoken in churches of many denominations, at conferences, evangelistic events, campus forums / dialogues- tailoring the format to best meet the host's objectives.

A full apologetics weekend series may include Alex speaking on a Friday evening and on Saturday (morning or evening).  The apologetics / Christian worldview weekend brings exciting content relevant for all ages, and often includes Alex teaching / preaching in a host church on Sunday.  

Costs, travel, etc.

For maximum benefit, it is recommended that attendees have copies of Alex's books for notes and study.  Alex's titles may be ordered through our E-store.



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