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Free Guide to Praying for America

--Free Guide to Praying for America

"This has revitalized my prayer life!  Thank you for inspiring me and those at my
church to a more powerful prayer life." 
H.P., North Carolina

Traveling throughout the US, speaking in more than 1300 churches, Alex McFarland would frequently challenge
audiences by saying, "Pray for America!"  One day some one asked him, "What exactly should we pray for?"

This question prompted Alex to create this "Guide to Praying for America."  Contained within this handy resource
are some key Scripture references, but also more than two dozen specific suggestions on how to powerfully pray for
this nation. 

One page lists Evangelistic Prayers- ways to pray for those who do not know Christ.  Another page lists specific
Revival Prayers- that is, prayer suggestions for the church.  Nearly 100,000 copies of this Prayer Guide have been
distributed; many individuals and churches have found renewed power in their prayer life, as n fo America has
become a vital part of their daily walk with the Lord.

Alex McFarland says, "I have learned firsthand that specific prayers get specific answers.  James 4:2 reminds us,
'You have not because you ask not.' 

As the church in America struggles to survive, and as dozens of belief systems compete for the hearts and minds
of people, it is imperative that Christians of all ages maintain a prayer life that is consistently strong! I hope that
Christians everywhere will experience the life-changing blessings that come about as they stand for this nation in
Each bundle contains 100 guides.  PLEASE NOTE: The cost of these guides covers the shipping and handling only. 

Please consider a donation that will help us freely distribute thousands of copies of this Prayer Guide each year.
If you agree with us that the best hope for America is in God alone, then join us in motivating people to call on
His name!  Your financial support helps us promote prayer throughout the church in America. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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