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Free Voters Guide

--Free Voters Guide

Did you know that in the 2008 election, only about 1/3 of eligible Christians were registered to vote?

As we all know, 2012 is an election year!

Alex McFarland's newest work, "Christians and Voting:  The Bible and Citizenship" should be read by people
of all ages!  As the season of pivotal elections nears, this guide will help people in your church and community
be informed about the facts of Scripture and the importance of participation on the part of Christians!

We encourage you to distribute this free resource, compiled by Alex McFarland. 

Contains Scripture references, several important statistics, and facts that speak about a Christian's role in the 
electoral process.  Six common questions are answered- with responses to common misconceptions held by many
well-meaning Christians!

Alex McFarland says, "I have come to recognize that at this point in our nation's history, passivity on the part of
informed Christians is, frankly, a sin.  The future of America- the very soul of our nation- hangs in the balance! 
are called to be salt and light in the culture, and here in America, a simply and relatively painless way to do this
to make informed choices when we vote!  What a privilege it is to be able to vote the US!  Free elections and the
right to vote are things that many 
in other countries look at with envy and awe- and yet, many in the US ignore
this God-given privilege.  We are accountable to God for how we handled what was entusted to us!

My dear friend Neil Mammen helped me compile the powerful facts contained in this resource.  He is a gifted 
Christian worldview scholar- an expert on both the Bible and American government.  I urge Christians and churches
where to distribute as many of these as possible between now and November 2012!"   

Each bundle contains 100 guides.  PLEASE NOTE: The cost of these guides covers the shipping and handling only. 

You donation enables us to freely distribute thousands of these each year!  Consider an investment in the future
of America.  Thank you.  

Thousands of copies of this resource, "Christians and Voting:  The Bible and Citizenship" have been distributed
already.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Please get involved today, by ordering your first pack of 100.     

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